No. 78 Oil, No. 72-C and STO-4

No. 78 Oil, No. 72-C and STO-4

Class H-2* Food Machinery Oils

LUBRIPLATE No. 78 Oil is a time-tested, approved product designed for use in the Manzel Lubricator for A-B Cookers and Sterilizers and other similar applications involving high humidity conditions whereby the lubricant must provide a lubricating film for bearings, slides, and valves operating in these unfavorable conditions.  Normal operating temperatures involved in these cookers run up to 255°F.  This lubricant will provide excellent lubrication under these constant temperatures and still not load the cans cooking with an oily film.

LUBRIPLATE No. 72-C Oil was developed specifically for the lubrication of steam peelers where an SAE 90 grade oil is recommended.  The emulsifying and wetting agents provide an oiliness film on all the moving plates and dies that prevents chatter in these areas.  LUBRIPLATE No. 72-C Oil is compounded with additives that impart a load-carrying film on the lubricated surfaces, provides corrosion resistance, and reduces oxidation and sludge.  LUBRIPLATE No. 72-C Oil is also an excellent steam cylinder oil for any applications requiring an SAE 90 grade.

LUBRIPLATE STO-4 is a special compounded oil recommended for the lubrication of stirrups on bottle filling machines.  LUBRIPLATE STO-4 has excellent emulsifying properties to provide a lubricating film on the metal surfaces even in the presence of excessive moisture.  LUBRIPLATE STO-4 is also compounded with detergent type additives to keep the metal surfaces from building up with undesirable residues.

*USDA H-2 lubricants may be used as a lubricant or anti-rust
 agent on equipment in which there is no possibility of the lubricated part contacting the edible product.

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