Clear, Multi-Purpose, Aluminum Complex, Food Grade Greases Formulated with... LUBRI-ARMOUR

These Aluminum Complex thickened, NSF H-1 Registered greases are engineered for use in plain and anti-friction bearings in the food-processing and beverage processing industry.

CLEARPLEX-1 is excellent for the lubrication systems of high speed can seaming and closing equipment. Contains non-zinc oxide anti-wear additive.

Fomulated with LUBRI-ARMOUR, an anti-microbial additive developed to prevent the decomposition of lubricants caused by microorganisms.  LUBRI-ARMOUR is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Reg. No. 86389-1).

*CLEARPLEX Series Greases are available in Cartridges, Pails, 1/4 Drums, Drums & Perma Lubricators.

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